How-to-Play Baseball

Little League’s Official How-top-Play Baseball Video is streaming now. Save time and money!

Here’s the trailer. Streaming rental is $3.50, purchase is $10.

Or purchase the DVD and/or the book! $29.95 per DVD, $14.95 for the book, or save $5 and buy both for $30.

DVD or Book

60 minutes

“****(four stars). Excellent!” Los Angeles Times

“The best! The Little Leaguers homer!” New York Daily News

“The clearest way to teach your youngster baseball.” Chicago Tribune

“Winning in its naturalness, there is a genuine attitude of helpfulness and friendship through athletics from start to finish.” Philadelphia Inquirer

“A four-bagger!” New Orleans Times-Picayune

“Easy-to-follow instruction in all the skills your youngsters need to learn to play.” Family Circle

“The tape is clear and easy to understand. The best thing is it doesn’t over teach. It keeps a light tone and avoids the bane of the ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ mentality.” People

“One of those rare tapes that thoroughly exploits the possibilities of instructional video. Highly recommended.” Library Journal

Accept no substitute. In 19 video chapters basic enough for beginners yet informative to help even the brightest young stars play better, 8-to-12 years olds demonstrate and teach the fundamentals: the correct way to grip and throw the ball, bunt, hit, pitch, slide and play all the defensive positions.

Each skill is broken down into simple, easy-to-learn components. In this DVD Little League’s decades of experience and highly effective video techniques are combined with confidence-building instruction, special tips, insider info and positive team, and family values.