Butterfly Essentials

Now you can rent or buy these two programs, formerly available as Audubon Society’s Butterfly Essentials. These are the same programs with different titles. Watch immediately and save!


Photo by Tiago J. G. Fernandes. Search for him on Flickr. He licenses use of the cropped photograph via the Creative Commons. The license is here: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/.

Cover photo by Tiago J. G. Fernandes.

About these videos:

“An engrossing story about the life cycles of butterflies. It’s an action movie of what makes butterflies so magical, and it offers ways you can make them a part of your garden. The butterflies’ variety of colors and patterns is breathtaking. An excellent learning tool for children and adults.” Washington Post

“Fascinating and memorable. TV-addicted children might get hooked on butterflies by watching.” New York Times

“Stunning footage, soothing narration and lovely background music. An extraordinary duo.” American Library Association Booklist

“Butterflies come into their own with these two great videos.” San Jose Mercury News

Audubon Butterflies for Beginners and Audubon Butterfly Gardening have everything the budding lepidopterist needs to begin identifying the common butterflies found across the United States. Included is an easy-to-understand introduction to butterfly biology, butterfly lifecycles and behavior, as well as identification sections on 30 of our most common species.

Each butterfly species has its own favorite foods and habitat which can help attract them to your backyard garden. Essentials contains all the information you’ll need to turn your garden into a butterfly paradise, plus in depth looks at 25 favorite butterfly plants and many of the butterflies they attract. Essentials for Beginners and Gardeners was written by Paul A. Opler, author of the Peterson Field Guides to Eastern and Western Butterflies, and director Jim Ebner.


Butterflies for Beginners

The Butterfly Emerges – The Resting Stage – The Pupa Emerges – Butterfly Parts – Danger for Butterflies – Mating – Butterfly Lifecycles – Compared to Moths – Geographic Variation – A World of Butterflies

Common American Butterflies: Butterfly Gallery – Swallowtails – Milkweed Butterflies – Fritillaries – Tortoiseshells – Angle Wings – Admirals – Lady Butterflies – Buckeyes – Satyrs and Wood Nymphs – Whites – Sulphurs – Crescents – Blues – Hairstreaks – Skippers

Raising Butterflies from Caterpillars

Butterfly Gardening

Basics Types of Plants

The Plant Gallery

The Growing Zones – Shrubs – Flowers – Herbs

The Butterfly Gallery: Large Butterflies – Medium Butterflies – Small Butterflies –
Adding Butterflies to Your Garden

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